La Sereine Black beer with Trappist-type yeast

The diversity of scents and tastes of “La Sereine” comes from its complex recipe containing chocolate and black malts, three different hops and Trappist-type yeast.
Enjoy it at an ideal temperature of 12°C.

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About “La Sereine
It is remarkable to note that the priory of Mont-Saint-Martin was founded in 1096 ; only one year after the cut of the wood in which was sculpted the black virgin of Avioth. The Romanesque church of the priory is younger than a little over half a century old. Restoration work was completed in 2016.
The goal of the monasteries was to carry the culture while allowing the monks to evolve serenely away from the crowds of the markets. However, they had a certain influence on the inhabitants and lords of their region.
This priory overlooked the surrounding villages which were part of the Frankish world for some and the Roman world for others. So he has always been on a border and he is now at the point of three borders.
We can think that our “Sereine” can be serenely tasted in your priory.