La Recevresse Amber beer with Cognac

La Recevresse is the fruit of the union of a brewing of malts, spices and European hops with a XO cognac which gives it its inimitable taste.
Its ideal tasting temperature is 10°C.

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About Recevresse
While Avioth gathered crowds during its market, the Priory of Mont-Saint-Martin allowed monks to isolate themselves from the world.
In front of the basilica of Avioth, is a monument called the Recevresse. Every year, on the feast of the taking of St. John, the surrounding villages collected wheat and brought a full cart for the benefit of Our Lady of Avioth.
Is this why the monument receiving these offerings would bear the name of Receiving? Not sure, because built in the fifteenth century, its primary function would have been to serve as a court … and therefore to receive complaints, complainants and judgments.
But again, is this the origin? It is not certain. As soon as the basilica was completed in the 15th century, the Black Madonna of Avioth, whose wood is dated 1095, entered the church and a new statue was placed in the monument: it was called ‘Recevresse’ because it received the offerings of the pilgrims in the name of the Black Virgin.

Still, our Recevresse receives cognac during the bottling.

2 thoughts on “La Recevresse Amber beer with Cognac

  1. Bonsoir Monsieur Cornerotte, la bière ambrée est très très bonne, mes voisins sont assez connaisseurs et en ont dit beaucoup de bien, et ont passer commande d’un carton de douze. Bonne continuation dans votre élaboration d’autres recettes, à bientôt, cordialement JM G.

  2. Bonsoir à vous qui avez eu une très bonne idée de faire de la bière. Je ne suis pas spécialement fan de bières mais les vôtres sont spécialement bonnes. Je suis en train de déguster une ‘noire ‘ c’est la meilleure que je n’ai jamais dégusté. Il faut continuer dans cette recette . A bientôt, cordialement JM Guissard.

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