About BrBex

Les Brasseurs Belges expatriésAlthough launched in October 2017, the brewery BrBex is not new in the world of homemade beers.


Christian and Yves, two long-time passionate lovers of craft beers, have been brewing their own beverage at home since a few years. They both studied the art of brewing by taking night classes at IFAPME in Arlon (not at the same time, though). There, they produced several beers in small quantities (around twenty liters per brew).When they met, they shared their brewing experience and after a few months, they decided to start a journey: going from pico-brewery to micro-brewery. Marc, a common friend and enlightened epicurean, joined the project.After several delicious tasting sessions and assembly, these three friends refined the recipes to offer a stable and complemetary beer assortment.Then, they had to create a company and name it.

Le verre BrBex entre Recevresse et Sereine

The three of them being expatriated in France, the name appeared obvious: “les Brasseurs Belges expatriés” or “the expatriated Belgian Brewers”… because Belgitude is and will indeed stay a guarantee of quality in the beer world.To symbolise this expatriation, Marc and Yves, who live near Avioth, chose the basilic of this town while Christian, living around Longwy, went for the priory of Mont-Saint-Martin. These two poles are located on the same cuesta, “la bajocienne”. (Lorraine-894) The basilic on its western base and the priory on its eastern summit. This “cuesta bajocienne” often defines the French-Belgian border and link the Roman Lorraine to the Frankish Lorraine. During the Middle Ages, the priory hosted retreats and religious service while the basilic accomodated pilgrims and markets.A line is thus drawn in the receiving country of the three friends. One can associate its wavy motion and its shape to the Vouivre, an underground water current that embodies the healing power of waters and the latent energies hidden in the bosom of Mother Earth. The Vouivre was dear to the Cult of the Black Virgin and to Avioth. This line is a visual and undergound link between these two places full of history who gave the names of our beers. This link is a symbol of the deep frienship between our three brewers.These two places of history also led to the name of the beers…


Like many before us, we decided to start brewing our beers in established breweries. The main challenge is to find free slots (an tank that is empty for a time long enough for us to fill it). In this Fall of 2017, the brewery GenGoulf found us two slots in their schedule. This enabled us to brew our first Recevresse and then our first Sereine.

Our beers

While mainly gustative and olfactive, each of our beer is also a visual experience. We took the decision to focus as much on the bottle labels as we did on the nectar contained in these same bottles.Michel Barthélémy, a seasoned artist, accepted to paint the name and spirit of our beers. These paintings are the center of the labels.The basilic of Avioth brought us mythical regional themes known by every Lorrain, like the recevresse or the warabouc.From its monastic vocation and its transcultural position, the priory of Mont-Saint-Martin brought us universal themes like the novitiate or the pursuit of serenity.Development

Our goal is obviously to brew as fast as possible in our own facilities. This will naturally depend on the success of our first brews.The evolution of our craftwork will be done in order to always keep in mind the following important aspects: uniqueness, esthetic, quality, respect of processes, ingredients and Human.